How To configure Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps into existing PowerApps environment


In the previous post we saw How To create a PowerApps environment with Common Data Service (CDS) database, now we will see how to configure Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps into this existing PowerApps environment.


Go to the Power Platform Admin Center portal, select Environments from the left panel and then select your Environment from the list.

Next, select Manage Solution from top ribbon.

Now, you can select a preferred solution to to install on selected environment. In this case we will install the Dynamics 365 Sales app.

When the installation is complete, return to the Power Platform Admin Center portal, then select Environment from the left panel and then Open environment from the ribbon.

This will allow you to view the installed app into Dynamics 365 environment.

Also, from PowerApps portal it is possible to view all the Apps installed in your PowerApps environment and see if each is a Model-driven or Canvas type.

Hope it helps and happy 365Power’ing!

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