How To choose between Canvas Apps and Model-driven Apps – The main differences


In this post we will see the main differences that allow us to establish the type of app to use when we want to create an app in PowerApps.


By reading the following features, you can easily determine which direction to take before you start developing your app.

Business Scenario More simple
(e.g. Leave Request, Avaibility, Survey, Rating, etc…)
More complex
(e.g. Lead management, Order processing, etc…)
LayoutComplete control
(e.g. Buttons, Photo, Audio, Icons, etc…)
Dynamics 365 Unified Interface
(e.g. Views, Forms, etc…)
Data Source CDS + Other Connectors (complete list) CDS
Data Validation CDS entity scoped business rules + Expressions/Formulas CDS entity scoped business rules + Client script API
BPF SupportNoYes
Security Role-driven apps Role-driven components
Configuration More Complex More Simple
(Dynamics 365 Framework)
Extensibility Plugin and Workflow developed for the CDS Plugin e Workflow developed for the CDS + Client script API
Embedding other Apps Sharepoint and Teams Apps Canvas Apps
Offline Support YesNo
Responsive Support YesYes

Hope it helps and happy 365Power’ing!

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