How To set up your first PowerApps Custom Component project

Scenario: after seeing in the previous post the requirements you need to develop the custom control with PowerApps Component Framework PCF now we will see how to set up your first custom component project.

Solution: when you develop a custom control you need following these steps:

1 – Create a new folder for your components:

2 – Open Visual studio 2017 command prompt and go into your folder where you want to set up your component project:

3 – Run the following command:

pac pcf init –namespace <your namespace> –name <component name> –template <component type>

Namespace is the namespace that you want to provide for your controls.

Component Name is the name of the control.

Template is the type of control,  field or dataset.

pac pcf init –namespace CustomControls –name ProgressBarControl –template field

4 – Now install project dependencies, run the command:

npm install

Once installation is done your project environment is ready and we will start building the control.

Hope it helps and happy 365Power’ing!

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