Exam MB-400: Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer – My Experience and Study Guide

Last week I passed (result) the new MB-400 exam: Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer. I really wanted to take this technical exam because in the past all exams were based on configuration, customization and functional modules. For those like me who have a focus on the technical aspects, this exam is really interesting for its contents and it is beautiful to prepare and study it. I anticipate that it is hard as there are many aspects and above all it is based on all the innovations of dynamics 365 and power platform.

To prepare it, in addition to the experience, I invested about 2 weeks. In addition to following the official Microsoft paths MB400 and PCF, I found many links (thanks to Joe Griffin) on the web that I used to study in addition to my blog where I have many articles on PCF. Having also passed the MB-200 Core exam in the past, with this new MB-400 exam I obtained the new certification Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate.

Finally, if you plan to study and take this new exam MB-400, I prepared for you this study guide following the official certification outline.

1 – Create a Technical Design (10-15%)

Validate requirements and design technical architecture

Create a data model

Design a data model

2 – Configure Common Data Service (CDS) (15-20%)

Configure security to support development

Troubleshoot operational security issues, Create or update security roles and field-level security profiles

Implement entities and fields

Configure entities, Configure fields, Configure relationships

Create and maintain solutions

Configure solutions, Import and export solutions, Manage solution dependencies

3 – Create and Configure PowerApps (10-15%)

Create model-driven apps

Configure a model-driven app, Configure forms, Configure views, Configure visualizations

Create Canvas Apps

Configure a Canvas App, Develop complex expressions

4 – Configure business process automation (10-15%)

Configure Microsoft Power Automate

Configure a Flow, configure actions to use CDS connectors, Develop complex expressions

Implement processes

Create and configure business process flows, Create and configure business rules

5 – Extend the user experience (15-20%)

Apply business logic using client scripting

Configure supporting components, Create JavaScript or Typescript code, Register an event handler, Use the Web API from client scripting, Solutions, Fields, Relatioships

Create a PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) component

Initialize a new PCF component, Configure a PCF component manifest, Implement the component, interfaces, Package deploy and consume the component, Use Web API device capabilities and other, component framework services

Create a command button function

Create the command function, Design command button triggers, rules, and actions, Edit the command bar using the Ribbon Workbench, Modify the form JavaScript library dependencies

6 – Extend the platform (15-20%)

Create a plug-in

Debug and troubleshoot a plug-in, Develop a plug-in, Use the Organization Service, Optimize plug-ins for performance, Register custom assemblies by using the Plug-in Registration Tool, Create custom actions

Configure custom connectors for PowerApps and Automate

Create a definition for the API, Configure API security, Use policy templates

Use platform APIs

Interact with data and processes using the Web API, Optimize for performance, Concurrency Transactions and batching, Perform discovery using the Web API, Perform entity metadata, Operations with the Web API, Use OAuth with the platform APIs

7 – Develop Integrations (10-15%)

Publish and consume events

Publish an event by using the API, publish an event by using the Plug-in Registration Tool, Register a webhook, Create an Azure event listener application

Implement data synchronization

Configure and use entity change tracking, Configure the data export service to integrate with Azure SQL Database, Create and use alternate keys

We update for the next goal MB-600 Solution Architect Expert certification!

Hope it helps and happy 365Power’ing!

4 thoughts on “Exam MB-400: Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer – My Experience and Study Guide

  1. Hi Danilo,
    Congrats on passing the exam.

    I am also planning to take MB-400 and wanted to ask you about the exam pattern. Is it also all MCQs based? Secondly, if you could please tell me that the result is furnished right after completion or we have to wait for some time to get it?

    Finally, though I am a developer but I have never appeared in a dev exam before, can you please roughly guide me on difficulty level for a person who has worked on 8.2 and earlier versions, but not on 9 or online that much. Will a month be okay to prepare if I follow your guidelines above you shared and Microsoft’s learning material?

    Your guidance will help me alot.

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Thank You!

      “Is it also all MCQs based?” yes, also drag and drop.
      “The result is furnished right after completion or we have to wait for some time to get it?” yes, after completion.
      “Will a month be okay to prepare if I follow your guidelines above you shared and Microsoft’s learning material?” yes, but I suggest to make first some experience with the latest version and latest SDK/API and architecture.

      Good luck!

  2. This exam looks so interesting. I too have a technical background and always wondered why such a exam does not exist. I just passed MB 200 a few months ago and Passed my MB600 past week and was looking at the one of these to earn the expert tag for MB600. Thanks next up this is something i want to tackle.

  3. Hey ,
    Loads of thanks for consolidating this. Cleared my exam yesterday and had to thanks you for making my life easy.

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