AI, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder – Put them together

AI is the creation of software that imitates human behaviors and capabilities.

Key elements include: Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI.

For each key element Microsoft Azure offers specific tools and services. In particular:

Microsoft AI is guided by a set of six principles: Fairness, Reliability and Safety, Privacy and Security, Inclusiveness, Transparency, Accountability.

Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder to allow the integration of AI into Power Apps (Model-Driven and Canvas apps) and Power Automate (Flows) today support following AI models build on top key elements and Azure technologies:

  • Category Classification
  • Entity Extraction
  • Form Processing
  • Object Detection
  • Prediction
  • Business Card Reader
  • Key Phrase Extraction
  • Language Detection
  • Receipt Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Recognition

Microsoft in the AI Builder roadmap plan to release new models and a AI Builder Pro version for developers.

Hope it helps and happy DynamicsPower’ing!

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