Custom Virtual Table provider with CRUD operations: Creating data provider and adding plug-ins to the provider – part 4 of 6

after creating CRUD plug-ins in the part 3, now in this fourth post I show you how to create a Data Provider through Plugin Registration Tool and configure a Data Source.

Make sure that you have the latest version of the Plugin Registration Tool that provides support for CRUD operations in Virtual Tables!

Let’s start with registering New Data Provider:

When selecting the Data Source Entity, choose create new being careful to select the solution that contains the correct publisher that has the prefix you want to use, otherwise you need to change the code previously prepared.

Next, select the assembly and configure the Event Handlers:

This should be the result after applying these first steps that I showed you:

Once you are done with creating the data provider, you you will have to setup the Data Source into the environment. This functionality is not available in the Maker Portal, and you will have to do this in the Classic Interface through Advanced Settings.

Go to Settings > Administration, select the Virtual Entity Data Sources and click on the New button:

A drop-down will appear to select a Data Provider previously registered:

Select your correct Data Provider, enter the Data Source name and Save.

Following the final result:

At this point most of the work is done. You should have successfully completed the creation of external Data Source, developed the plug-ins, configured and registered the data provider and the data source.

Hope it helps, follow this serie and happy reading!

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