Custom Virtual Table provider with CRUD operations: Create, update, view, and delete records using a virtual table and final considerations – part 6 of 6


after creating a Virtual Table in the part 5, now in this last post of the serie I show you how to create a simple Model-Driven App that include this table so as to test everything!

Let’s start with creating a New App:

Next, add the Virtual Table to the sitemap with all default components:

Finally, publish and test the results!

In this video I show you my PoC as final result:

I hope that I have transferred you through these posts the usefulness of this new integration possibility!

If you have not completed writing the code, here the link to my GitHub repository where you can download the whole project, and if you are interested in further reading, here the link to the official Microsoft docs.

If you liked this serie dedicated to Virtual Tables and you find it useful I hope you can leave me a like and a share!

Hope it helps and happy reading!

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