The MVP Challenge – Dynamics 365/Power Platform Challenge story

I started my studies while in Italy the first great advantages linked to the spread of the web and the network were taking shape. My passion for technology has thus initiated me into the world of IT and for about 20 years now IT has become my daily life.
All this has thus led me to perhaps fulfill my greatest expectation; become a point of reference for a group of people who have chosen to live my same passion. This is how today I continue to live in Naples, the city where I was born and raised, and in that same city I carry on my passion for information technology and contribute to the technical and human growth of the group I am responsible for. A group born as the headquarters of one of the most important Italian companies engaged in consulting on Microsoft business applications, AGIC Technology.

With these assumptions I had the honor and, above all, the burden of taking part in the Microsoft Business Applications MVP program and therefore being able to bring my value within this community. My innate passion for technology, which day after day, brings me with curiosity to discover everything new, this “world”, brings to the forefront, therefore, to my personal growth and to my work group. Growth therefore first of all, but combined with the desire to remain strongly linked to all that is human innovation linked to technology.

Sometimes in this world that is always running fast, I like to brake for a moment and see where I have arrived. How I got there. And to consolidate all that has been, to have strong and stable roots on which to build all that will be.

These years have given me a lot in terms of skills, and everything is confused with many of the “human” counterparts that this path has given me the opportunity to create and cultivate, but if at this moment I had to dwell on what involved me most in this path of mine is certainly the whole world of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, which I was able to deepen and experience thanks to the learning paths on the Microsoft Learn. In this regard, to introduce you to this fantastic world I have created for you a specific learning path collection Power Apps Developer Beginner that you can follow.

I like to go deeply into my clients’ needs; establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect, and then grasp the critical issues of their business and define an action plan that finds the right junction for every aspect. Then leading overall to a common line that leads to the result; arrival not as the end of the path, but as the beginning of a continuous and constant improvement that then leads to continually confronting everything new the world and technology offers. I like to think of this historical moment of digital as the beginning of a “renaissance” of everything that governs my clients’ business; a space certainly full of many, sometimes too many, solutions. But with the right competence and experience, they can be limited to the right ones to bring continuity to improvement.

Here, perhaps this is the most complete answer I can provide to those who ask me how, today, I find the right application to my skills.

Going deeper into the “what” most characterizes me today, I say without a shadow of a doubt that everything that is taking shape around the concept of Low Code Apps applied to business, and the “Power” that these are able to transfer to companies, absorbs many of the my attentions, marrying a little what has always been my professional and character propensity.

App applied to business and “Energy” that they are able to transfer to companies. In short, everything that “Power Apps” has in its DNA and the enormous potential that is all to be spread and grasped.

Hope it helps and I hope to see you in the Power Apps Developer Beginner collection!

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